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JobsWork MKE Names New President and Executive VP

Michael Adams. Photo Credit: JobsWork MKE

JobsWork MKE, a leading workforce development organization, has named Michael Adams as its new President and Rodney Moutry as Executive Vice President of the Milwaukee Anchor Collaborative. Bill Krugler, founder and outgoing president, will assume the role of Chair of the Board.

“I am so pleased to promote Michael and Rodney into these leadership roles,” Krugler said.

“They both bring great passion to our mission: to help our members overcome significant barriers, find sustainable employment, and become self-sufficient; and, to help our employer partners find the quality employees they are seeking.”

Adams has served as JobsWork MKE’s Director of Employee Development since the nonprofit’s inception in 2013.

“I’m really honored to be accepting this role and to be leading our team,” Adams said. “They work tirelessly and really understand the importance of the work we’re doing for the community. We’re advocates for a lot of folks who otherwise would not have a voice. So many people out here are talented and skilled. They just need an opportunity and JobsWork MKE provides that opportunity.”

As Executive Vice President of the Milwaukee Anchor Collaborative (MAC), Moutry will report to the Board. MAC is a group of major healthcare and educational institutions committed to increasing hiring and purchasing in Milwaukee’s lowest-income neighborhoods.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to make an impact on the city,” said Moutry, who joined JobsWork in 2016. “We are gaining momentum and making real progress. Working with our anchor institutions, we are making -- and will continue to make -- the change we need to see in our community."

Rodney Moutry. Photo Credit: JobsWork MKE


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