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We help people who are ready to change, get ready to work.

Through hope, high expectations and holistic support, we transform lives by helping people get and keep good jobs.

 Understanding Employee Trauma

What is trauma? How does it affect your employees? How can you help your employees thrive? “Bringing Trauma to Work” is our free, downloadable guide — a powerful tool to help you understand and manage workers who come to the job with unresolved trauma. It’s also a podcast on Spotify and Apple, with extended expert interviews available on YouTube.

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Why We're Here

The problems of chronic unemployment and generational poverty go hand-in hand. Consider where Milwaukee ranks among the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas*:


The Highest Black poverty rate – 33.4% -- almost five times the white rate.


Lowest annual household income for Blacks, $31,052. Only 42% of white income.


Biggest racial gap in income. Black male workers make 59.7% of a white worker’s


Third-lowest employment rate – 66% -- for Black males ages 25-54.


Third-highest incarceration rate
for Blacks.

*Source: Levine, Marc V., "The State of Black Milwaukee in National Perspective: Racial Inequality in the Nation’s 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas. In 65 Charts and Tables" (2020). Center for Economic Development Publications. 56.

Change the Future

You can create a positive impact without leaving your chair.
Donate to specific aspects of our programs or to all of our efforts as a whole.

Get Involved

JobsWork MKE is more than an organization. It’s a movement that relies on the help of many to create change. Explore opportunities where you can make a difference. 

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Community Partners

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Anchor Institutions

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Small Businesses

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"I learned I could be something positive in other people’s lives just by being who I am. If you want to be part of something that’s great, that’s positive, that’s steady, that’s expanding, then this program is for you.”

— Marilyn, Program Participant

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