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Jasmine's Story


JobsWork offers two-week Career Readiness Workshops to prepare participants for job opportunities. Part of the workshop focuses on the job interview. Here’s how that coaching benefited Jasmine.


I was one of those people who was very nervous with interviews. Before, I would just respond to whatever they asked me with very short answers, like “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” Or I’d repeat myself a lot. I used to be that person who would come to an interview in jeans. I always came on time or early, but I wouldn’t dress up.


JobsWork really helped me with my interview skills. At the workshop, they do mock interviews with you. They teach you to do research about the places you’re applying at, because for some jobs, they’ll ask you “What do you know about us?” So sometimes they’re surprised about what you know already.


I learned how to ask questions about the role you’re applying for, to ask for a business card at the end of an interview and send thank you letters. It taught me things I thought I knew, but I really didn’t.


Now, I think I’m seen as more professional. I dress nicer. I’m not a very dressy person, but now I take pride in what I’m wearing.


In 2018, after the workshop, I interviewed for a position at Core El Centro. [Core is a nonprofit natural healing center in Milwaukee]. I had an interview on a Tuesday and was hired that Friday!


My first job was at the front desk. Then just before the pandemic, I transitioned to a new role as a data specialist. I love it. I never liked math in school, but now I’m doing a lot of stats and I love it.


I track numbers to show the outcomes of the people we serve. I run reports for various programs and for grants, basically anything number related. I pull it and give it to whoever needs it.


It’s always good to see how clients are feeling after they start getting some of our services. Core primarily works with the Latino population on the South Side. I’m half Puerto Rican and half Black. So with my job, I feel connected to the Latina and Latino population.


I find I’m more confident in myself now. I’m more independent, but I’m still in touch with JobsWork, with the employment specialist. I let him know how things are going, if anything’s changed.


I know that if I need support, he’s there.

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